In 2007, I decided to stay at Northern Sky Lodge again where is in the suburbs of Fairbanks .
Because the lodge is suitable for looking aurora and the foods that Pascale gives us are very delicious . The reason why the lodge is good for looking aurora , I introduced on Northern Sky Lodge when I traveled in 2005 .

This time I wrote about the stay in 2007 .
When I was heading to Fairbanks from Denali National Park(Parks HWY) I found a sign which says turn to the right at 0.5 mile ahead .There wasn't there 2 years ago .

(The picture is the sign from Fairbanks to Denali. So it says turn to the left)
You should be careful to find the entrance to the lodge. You can only see a mail box and small sign.

Narrow path leads you to the yard, and the lodge appears.
The 3 rooms on the 2 floor are completed . They were in the construction 2 years ago. Pascale said the two rooms of the 3 have the windows in the northern side . You can watch aurora from inside the rooms.
When we were taking baggages down from the car, Pascale came out to meet us smiling. We thought she lost weight a little bit and looks beautiful.

After greetings she led us to our room upstairs.We were surprised because she lifted up our 2 tranks (20kg each) and went up the stairs easily.
This is the space for peaple to have coffee or something, to have chat, we have nice time here with some coffee.

You can see the back yard which has woods and small trees such as blueberries, blackberries etc.
All funitures are hand made.

They makes warm and mild atmosphere. With king-sized beds,clean bath-room, we had relax time.
In the woods, there is a trail for dog-sled. Pascale keeps many dogs in the yard.

We saw some red and black tiny fruits of berries there,telling us autumn has come.
Pork roast and grilled-salmon we ate 2 years ago were nice. This time we met our daughter and her husband live in Washington D.C at this lodge. We met each other only 1 night.
We asked Pascale for the pork roast in advance by E-male for our dinner with our daughter. When we alived the pork roast was wating for us.

This photo is dish of beef for 6 peaple. We enjoyed it with other guests. After we ate up them , Pascale served extra dish . How nice.
Desserts at the end of the dinner were also good. Cakes made by Pascale were so dericous, they made us happy .

We talked and looked aurora with peaple we met each other for the first time.
In the morning we leave, Pascale prepered breakfast even it was so early.

At the time we get on the car, the sky was begining to red, we didn't have much time to catch the airplane at the Anchorage airport, but I didn't want to miss this beautiful sight, I took this photo befor leaving.